Hermosillo Skate Girls

What do you hear when you start talking about the female skateboarding scene around the world? Encouraging and powerful stories. The community is growing, evolving, and changing the industry. Female skaters are no longer considered afterthoughts. All women skate crews are now found almost anywhere. Girls who skate are turning into pros and they are trying to balance out the once male-dominated sport. A lot of collective effort still has to be done. But I am happy to see progress.

When I became part of Vancouver’s Chickflip, was and is still is a fun factor in my life, connecting with new people, hitting the skate parks with them, and honing my skateboarding skills. Since, some of the girls I met through the group became my everyday skate buddies and super good friends, I began to be exposed to issues and concerns that I didn’t really pay close attention to before as well.


For instance, yes, it is now possible to find all women skate crews. But locating them can be quite difficult depending on location. Let me tell you about my visit to Mexico last May.

I met a female skater when I visited a local skate park in Hermosillo. I started to wonder how many more are there. After some research to find out if there was an official girl crew in Hermosillo, I wasn’t able to find information online. Luckily, I have the support of Hermosillo’s male skaters. Through the power of social media, and with the help of the boys (See my post about them here), I was able to connect with the girls.

Hermosillo has several female skaters they just didn’t have an online group yet. As you know, I live and breathe social media plus I love networking so it’s not surprising that I offered to create an online group for them. I was hoping to replicate some of the practices and cool stuff we do in Canada so the we arranged for an official gathering.

Then the big day happened. It was so much fun. I was stoked to meet the girls and share my experiences. I also learned a whole lot of tips from them. We chatted, skated, and took some photos. I can’t wait to go back and had another session with them.

I would like to thank Chickflip, Skatewitches, and Dame Skate Zine for all the gifts I was able to bring the girls.




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