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My skateboarding adventure began in Vancouver back in October 2015 and since then I have always dreamt of hitting the skate parks with fellow Mexicans. The thought brings me smiles and feelings of warmth. Knowing this, I did not hesitate to travel 2000 miles to get to Hermosillo City in Mexico and make one of my skate dreams a reality.

Parque Madero Skate Park

Thanks to social media, I met new friends and I have learned about the community, the skate parks and some of the issues the community faces.

Like skateboarding anywhere in the world, the inclusive atmosphere is very palpable. and with minimum resources, the crew quenches the community’s thirst and passion for skateboarding for now. However, I do hope the city will get to see more support to the community in the future.


What it used the be the only skate shop in Hermosillo. Closed recently to start selling online leaving skaters without one skate spot.

Hanging out with the boys was such a great experience. They took me to some fun spots and we even traveled to Guaymas, Sonora to explore a new skate park. All these made me love my Mexico skateboarding adventure even more.

Me and the guys in Guaymas, Sonora.

You might be wondering if I found girls who skate in Hermosillo. Yes, I was able to locate and connect with them but that is another story. I will be sharing that with you on my next blog post so stay tuned!

For now, check out the skate photos I took during my lasts 2 visits to Hermosillo. Enjoy!


Desde que inicié a patinar en el 2016, mi meta era conocer a los skaters en mi ciudad.  Este año he visitado Hermosillo varias veces y he tenido la oportunidad de poco a poco conocer a la comunidad y visitar nuevos lugares como el nuevo skate park de Guaymas Sonora. 

Como en cualquier parte del mundo skateboarding es algo inclusivo no importa nada solo que patines y te quieras divertir y así fue lo que viví en Hermosillo. 

Se preguntarán si conocí a chicas que patinan, ¡por su puesto! Pero esta es una historia para mi siguiente publicación en el blog. 

Gracias por leerme. 

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