Team Ethnic goes to Seattle

Picking the right name for your crew at a contest can be gruelling. But not when you are composed of a bunch of Canadians and people with Venezuelan, Cuban, African American, First Nations, Mexican, Vietnamese, and Filipino descents. In this case, calling ourselves “Team Ethnic” is a no brainer for the “Queen of the road” challenge at wheels of Fortune.

Last May, my friends and I headed to Seattle for this event.  It is an international skate competition that put women’s skateboarding skills at the spotlight and celebrates girls who skate. Rose, Una, Breana, Allysha, Sam, Jordan, Nika Washington and I thought we could all fit in a van, cross the border, and be a part of the event. And so we did. We met up with Kassy, Michelle, and Charlie after a couple of days there. At the event, while some entered the contest, some others got to socialise with our skate sisters from around the world who came all the way to Seattle to compete and witness the event.

The Team:

I happen to be a volunteer photographer of “Wheels of Fortune 8.” Let me tell you that the event was rad and full of shenanigans.  It is not just the contest, there was “Queen of the Road” challenge where skaters were challenged to do fun tricks and hilarious tasks. “Wheels of Fortune 7” also gave skaters the opportunity to test their skills at other local parks in Seattle.

Here are some photos from the contest. To check the contest’s full gallery on Mahfia click here. Have fun viewing the photos!

To say I had so much fun with Team Ethnic would be an understatement. Here are some more photos and a little video of our trip. Enjoy!

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