Gracias Hootsuite

Once upon a time, this girl had a dream — the dream of working at Hootsuite. Hard work, patience, perseverance, and some networking skills made this dream come true.

Yeah, this is my story. I focused my energies to chase my dream until I was able to accomplish it last year. 2015, My #Hootsuitelife time is truly memorable. It is packed with fun and challenges plus a lot of growth. It has been ten months (woah! time flies) since that life-changing point in my life. My mood for today is bittersweet as I bid goodbye to the nest. I have a new dream. And the desire to chase it is what’s fuelling me right now.

I have been working as a part-time photographer and social media consultant for the past years. I got a hunch a couple of months back that I should start doing my own business. My heart told me it was high time to make it happen. So today, with a brave heart and optimistic mind, I am heeding my heart and starting a new journey.

Here I come looking for possibilities and facing new challenges.  There is nothing more gratifying than the thrill of taking on one of the greatest challenges in life — turning our dreams into reality. I am certain that there will be bruises, pains, and heartaches along the way. Every life journey is like that. But I will look at these as mile markers on my trip to the finish line.

I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work for one of the coolest companies in the realm of technology. And I consider myself lucky to have worked with a group of talented, super passionate, and fun people. There are way too many things I loved about working at Hootsuite such as the culture. One of my favourites, being part of the community team and getting to work with Hootsuite Ambassadors in the American Continent. The commitment, passion, and love that these ambassadors have for the company, they all are very inspiring.

I won’t be officially working for Hootsuite. But once an Owl always an Owl. And I would say my “unofficial” Hootsuite’s journey is not over. I will continue my duties as a brand ambassador and will keep spreading love about the product because I truly love it and I belive with the power of social media and Hootsuite together amazing things can happen!

Gracias Hootsuite I will keep the memories close to my heart.

Me acuerdo como añoraba el día que se cumpliera mi sueño de trabajar en Hootsuite, después de trabajo, paciencia, perseverancia y dedicación, mi sueño se cumplió.

Fue hace 10 meses que inicié esa inolvidable etapa de mi vida, hoy esta etapa llega a su fin, tengo un nuevo sueño: Enfocarme en mi propio negocio de mercadotecnia digital y fotografía, y como toda una guerrera soñadora, es hora de partir y luchar por este nuevo sueño. 
Me siento orgullosa de haber sido parte deuna compañía   como Hootsuite, pero sobre todo, estoy muy muy agradecida por todo el crecimiento y aprendizaje durante este tiempo.  Me llevo conmigo bastante, pero en especial la amistad de tantas personas apasionadas, creativas, inteligentes, emprendedoras y muy muy divertidas. 
Son muchas las memorias, pero el hecho de haber trabajado construyendo comunidad para Hootsuite, ha sido algo inolvidable, colaborar con embajadores en todo el continente Americano me deja una gran satisfacción  y espero seguir construyendo y alimentando toda esta red de talentos que ahora llamo mi familia #HootAmb. 
Mi camino como un búho de Hootsuite termina hoy, pero seguiré siendo embajadora de Hootsuite por supuesto, creo en la marca y el poder de las redes sociales y como dicen por acá, es un “no brainer” seguir colaborando como embajadora. 
Hoy, se cierra un ciclo y empieza otro, estoy muy emocionada por los nuevos retos! 
Gracias a mi familia Hootsuite por todo, los llevo en mi corazon! 

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Norma Ibarra is a photographer and social media marketer. She has developed and executed successful digital strategies and campaigns for non-profits and Tourism Organizations.

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